Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Have Myself a Seizure

I'm going to kvetch here for a moment. Why on earth anyone ever thought that putting strobe lights on things was a good idea, I'll never know.

First it was the mad scramble for diapers and tape (don't tell anyone) whenever the hospital's can-see-them-from-freaking-ass-out-of-space fire alarm strobes start flashing.

I am currently awake enjoying the massive migraine brought on last night because someone just had to have a cigarette somewhere and set off an alarm.

Seriously, I'm amazed no-one has had a seizure yet.

Now there are strobes on every that moves. Garbage trucks, school buses, moving vans, construction trucks. Twice I've had to pull off the road into a parking lot and wait until the vehicle gets far enough away from me that it doesn't trigger a migraine.

Flashing lights and hormone swings are the only triggers I have. The hormones are pretty much under control.

But what in the hell can I do about every other vehicle on the road flashing at me?

Loki sez: Why that is completely unacceptable! I'm going to write a letter of complaint! Oh wait, I can't write. I shall give a stern disapproving look instead.


Miz UV said...

I totally relate. Flashing lights and repetitive noises (that beep-beep of a truck backing up, for example) often trigger a migraine for me as well. Even a static pattern of bright light and dark (such as through patio slats) can get one going if it's been hovering. I also have a problem with outdoor malls where I keep switching between regular glasses and sunglasses depending if I'm in a store or outside in the sun.

JanetLee said...

Yeah! I forgot about the blinds. Veritcal blinds moving will trigger if it is bright enough outside.

Do you get any after-migraine symptoms? Several of my co-workers have migraines (it seems to be epidemic among nurses for some reason), and we all have some "thing" about afterwards. I get very clumsy and have trouble with hand/eye coordination, one coworker gets slurred speech, another has trouble with names.

It's interesting to me because our symptoms are almost like post-seizure symptoms.