Tuesday, April 25, 2006

While running my errands this morning (half the list done!), I drove by the gas station. Holy digits, Batman! I only buy gas maybe once a month or so, therefore I rarely pay attention to the numbers.

But I was sooo thrilled upon returning home to find that Bushie is going to try to solve the high gas problems by "temporarily" reducing the environmental standards refineries are expected to follow. That's great, make it cheaper for them to refine the gas and those sweet little old white men running the oil companies are just going to drop prices. Don't mind that black shit coming out of the back of your car, it's only going to hurt birds and people who walk around outside.

And, um, "temporarily"? Like income taxes were initially supposed to be "temporary"? Or welfare was "temporary"?

In Bushie's defense, he did give his oil buddies a little no-no smack on the hands by threatening to take away the billions in tax credits and free money we taxpayers give them every year.

Okay, yes, I fill up about once a month. I drive the truck formerly known as "my son's", I think it's a Ranger or something. How do I do it?

I live within three miles of anything I consider worth putting a bra on and going to. (Except my vet, it is 40 miles roundtrip to my vet: Chad Reynolds at Central Vet Clinic on Central Ave in Summerville. He and his entire staff ROCK!! If you go, tell them I sent you so I can get a $10 credit on my next bill)

Also, I follow these simple driving rules:

1. I drive the speed limit.
2. I do not tail-gate (brake, speed up, brake, speed up, sound familiar?)
3. I do not drive up to red lights or stop signs, I remove my foot from the gas and coast up.
4. Zero to 60 in five seconds is a bad thing.

I do however, play my radio way to loud, once a policeman told me to turn it down. But it was Kashmir by Led Zep. It's the LAW that you play it that loud.

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jaz said...

Or the people who angrily whip past you... just so they can come to a standstill in traffic 30 yards ahead.