Friday, April 07, 2006

That lil rascal Scooter Libby. Dag-nabbit.

I am actually sort of looking forward to see what brilliant scheme Karl Rove comes up with to let Bush squirm out of the newly revealed information that he, Bush, actually approved of the leak concerning Valerie Plame, in order to punish, scare or discredit her husband for proving that Iraq was not buying uranium from Niger.

Now, does anyone remember a short little Bush speech-ette in which he vowed that if the leak came from within the White House, the person responsible would be fired?

Okay, here is my question. If he has the presidentail authority to declassify information as the defense seems to be building up to be, why didn't he AT THAT TIME just say that? "Hey, I'm the president and I have the authority and it was a matter of national security, so kiss my Texas size ego."

Why'd he lie about it? Huh?

Why'd he let a special investigation ($$$$) get underway?

Why'd he let Libby be arrested?

I'd like to see one Republican get as hysterical over this as Clinton's blow job lie. Just one.

I'd like to see one Christian get as hysterical over this as the phony "gay-marriage threat". Just one.

He is a liar. He has sent young American men and women to their deaths and tens of thousands are without arms and legs due to Bush's lies. He had an agenda to go in to Iraq and flat out lied about every reason why we were there. And now he has come right out and said that removing our troops from Iraq would be a problem for the next administration.

In the meantime, his buddies and supporters in the oil industry and Halliburton are raking in tens of millions of dollars in profits on the bones of those dead young Americans while Bush is cutting veterans benefits to almost nothing.

Oh, and where is Bin Laden? You remember him right? The guy who financed and planned the 9/11 attacks? I wish Bush was half as determined to find him as he was to make profits off the Iraq war. Oh, but then his hand-holding friends in Saudi Arabia might be mad and oil profits might go down.

How silly of me.

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