Friday, April 21, 2006

Blech. Friday. The day normal people are rejoicing over as the end of the week. It is the beginning of my week as one of the invisible people. The weekend night shift crew. No-one even knows we exist. And we kinda like it that way.

I have spent this last day of my "weekend" vacuuming and dusting and dish washing all in an attempt to postpone what I've been working on all week: a query letter to an agent.

Holy High Pressure Batman! I think my mistake was looking for examples to follow. Because from what I've read, you are toast if you don't "grab" the agent's attention in the first two words (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, they probably mean the first five or six words). According to what I read, the query letter absolutely positively must be the BEST WRITING YOU HAVE EVER DONE IN YOUR LIFE!

No pressure, just be yourself and let your own unique style come through.

Well, my unique style with business letters is to revert to my previous life as a secretary which ain't all that handy in the "wow 'em in five words" category.

So I am probably doomed.

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