Friday, April 14, 2006

What?? No "war on Easter"?? I'm disappointed. But will once again point out that the word "Easter" comes from the Germanic/AngloSaxon legend of the goddess Eostre, who was the goddess of spring, i.e. bunny rabbits and eggs and stuff. So there.

Why, why why in the world do curtains only come in 84" length?? I only need about 65 inches. And even less for the little window in the back door.

So, I go to my mom. Tell her my woes. She asks why I don't just make some like I always do. Because my sewing machine foot pedal is broken and parts for 50 year old Singer's aren't that easy to come by these days.

She says I can come to her house and use hers.

I don't want to go to her house. I want her to do it for me.

Then she suggests I try WalMart. Sigh. That's my mom's answer to everything: Go to WalMart. Need curtains? WalMart. Shoes? WalMart. Bread? WalMart? New liver? WalMart. Vaccinations for your kids? Oooops, not if you are a WalMart employee.

You know, when I made the kitchen curtains, I just ironed the hems in with Stitch-Witchery. I can do it again. Oh, yes I can.

But I did find a killer piece of poster art for the back wall in the TV room. So, life is good. Who needs curtains? Only things looking in those windows are the birds and squirrels and racoons and possoms.

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