Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Scott McClellan has resigned as White House Press Secretary. Who can blame him? Poor fella, probably got ulcers from all those lies he had to tell, bless his heart.

I was watching one of his press conferences a few weeks ago, when the whole "who leaked what when, Bushie did, who did" shellgame they were playing was all the network rage.

I had two thoughts on the matter:

1. Did McClellan use an electron microscope to split those hairs he was splitting?


2. Does he just spray his entire body down with anti-perspirant before facing the hordes of evil reporters who just won't sit there and obediantly take down what he says word for word? Cos I would have been a sweatin' plenty telling them whoppers and having those mean ole reporters shoot down everything I said.

I almost felt sorry for him that day.

But not really because he knew that his job was to be a lying skank-hole cover-up artist for Bushie, et al when he took it.

But I hope his ulcer gets better. If he has one. God knows I would if I told even a millionth of the lies he told.


daniel said...

Really and truly, the guy had the worst job in the world. Every now and then I'd start feeling sorry for him, only to remember that the press "rollback" strategy he was fronting was pretty much tearing the nation into tiny little angry pieces.

I wonder who they'll bring in to rearrange the deck chairs next?

JanetLee said...

Daniel - Thanks for the link. I might not be smart enough to word things as clearly as some, but I do know bullshit when I smell it. And I've been smelling it for the last five years now.

daniel said...

i don't know if you saw this, but both the daily show and the countdown did priceless montages of scott's press conference performances. anticipating as much, i actually stayed up late to watch them.