Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I went to Lowe's this morning. I managed to contain myself. I've got six new azalea bushes in the front and two pretty purple creeping phlox for that stupid little raised brick planter thing built in the middle of nothing next to the drive way.

I dug out most of the elephant ear bulbs and now need to figure out where to replant them. I dug out the loriope grass that the bunny rabbits kept gnawed down to stubs and tossed them over the back fence in bunny rabbit land.

I trimmed up some bushes and the palm tree.

I would be done if I hadn't forgotten to buy pinestraw. See, REAL southerners use pinestraw in their flower beds. I don't know what danged Yankee thought that unnaturally red cedar chips were just perfect for mulching flowers with but they were sadly mistaken. Might as well put some plastic garden gnomes and a lawn jockey out in the grass while you are at it. It's tacky.

And so are rocks. Especially blindingly white gravel. In flower beds?? Come on ya'll. Pinestraw.

Trust me. That warm golden brown glow is perfect against any green, any flower color. It's all natural and the palmetto bugs don't love to munch on it.

Rocks and cedar chips. For Pete's sake.

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