Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sunday night I was asked about an acquaintance who, perfectly healthy until a grand mal seizure alerted her to trouble, was battling a brain tumor. She is doing well, finding new strength and learning how loved she is in this world.

Monday morning, I saw another acquaintance who, in the middle of a divorce, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She looks fabulous and is attacking life with a new vigor.

Monday evening, I got a migraine. Moaned and groaned and whined until I annoyed everyone in the house then went to bed before 8:30. Then I laid in bed with waves of pain radiating around my head with every little movement, being jumped on by kittens I forgot to remove from the room. I'd never had pain so bad with my migraines before and I thought for a moment maybe I should go to the ER. Then I decided I'd rather just die right there in my warm comfy bed than in the noisy ER or the MRI chamber.

I'm better today after a 12 hour nap. But I really should toughen up and learn to deal with these things with a little more grace. I mean, it was just a headache, for Pete's sake.

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jaz said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I should buy you some dark chocolate for a treat...