Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ah, spring. In the last week or so, between the two of us, we have planted: six azaleas, two Bradford Pear trees, two rose bushes, one chocolate flower thing and repotted two planters, one with purple flowers and one with mystery stuff that sprouted up on its own.

Trees have been fertilized. Elephant ears dug up and redistributed. Pinestraw has been spread. Blackberry brambles have been painted with poison, as has the Virginia creeper creeping up the brick.

I have been drooling over oleanders, dreaming over patio pavers, and figuring out where to put a fig tree.

Little oak trees are sprouting all over the yard from acorns buried by squirrels. The Carolina Jasmine is out of control on it's portion of fence. The day lillies are coming back to life.

It's all good.

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