Monday, April 03, 2006

Last Friday evening, to great rejoicing throughout the land, well, throughout the house, Jason found Loki's red and white polka dot ball. For Pete's sake. It was shoved between the wall and some gigantic bit of musical sound equimpment owned by my son.

Oh, it brought a tear to my eye to see the look on Loki's face. He was so happy. He carried that stupid ball around with him, he played with it, he growled at Thor if he got too close to it.

Peace had been restored.

Then came Saturday morning. The ball was missing again. I found it. In the exact same place.

Then Saturday evening, I found Loki meowing at the same spot. The ball was once again shoved under the amp.

It's still there. I refuse to get it out for him. The little shit.

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