Tuesday, August 03, 2010

You Know Those Commercials..

The ones that make me want to find an advertising executive and smack them upside the head?

Sure, you know. Mom A is serving up some yummy tasty chemically enhanced high fructose corn syrup "food". Mom B says, "Oh, you know what they say about high fructose corn syrup." Mom A says, "What do they say?" Leaving Mom B sputtering and looking like an idiot.

Well, they never ask me because I've got a list of things I could tell them about that poison that they are allowed to put into almost every thing we eat.

Here's one more.


jaz said...

Well, what else are they going to use to cover up the taste of the Benzoate Preservatives and Red Dye 40?

JanetLee said...

and the Real Fruit*

*at some point in the processing something that was once part of a real piece of fruit was added.

ConsumerFreedom said...

Calling high fructose corn syrup “poison” is so unhelpful to consumers. It’s just patently untrue. Your fear-mongering encourages consumers to obsess on single ingredients in their diet instead of thinking about the entirety of their diet and their lifestyle.

Heather said...

Exactly whose diet is improved by the presence of HFCS?

JanetLee said...

Dear Consumer Freedom: Thank you for your comment. But one person's fear mongering is another's truth telling.

I happen to be a reasonably intelligent person who is actually capable of considering more than a "single ingredient", as are most people when considering their diet and lifestyle.

It's just a little bit much to try to dedicate a blog post to the "entirety" of information available on nutrition, so when I find new bits of information, I share them. Then I, and my readers, can add that bit to all the other bits they already know (see how it works, isn't accumulating knowledge grand?) and make better diet and lifestyle decisions.

Thanks, again for stopping by, and I'm sorry I didn't put an adorable kitten photo with that blog post so you could perhaps smile or even perhaps chuckle a little bit at the antics of the kittens.

Heather said...

That isn't to say that companies shouldn't be allowed to use HFCS. By all means, let them. As a consumer, I have the option to not buy those products.

Erica Mueller said...

I'm allergic to corn, and can't even drink a soda because of the amounts of HFCS will throw my heart rate into overdrive. I watch what I buy/eat very carefully. It's really hard when everything is sweetened with corn syrup.

Heidi @ CarolinaDreamz said...

"Poison" FTW!

Saying HFCS isn't harmful is more unhelpful to consumers!