Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Musing

How did so much Johnny Cash get into my Pandora Elton John station? I like Johnny, but it plays more of him than Elton.

Why have I spent hundreds of dollars on cat toys when a q-tip and a bottle cap make them happier than any store bought toy?

What is blooming that has broken through the allergy med barrier and is making me sneeze my brains out?

I was so ashamed yesterday. On my walk, I saw a lady who must be +70 up on a ladder, painting her house. I am a lazy bum. This fall, I shall buy a ladder and paint my own damn house.

The most useless bit of information I will ever give you: To tell the difference between Thor and Loki in the dark, just feel the fangs. Loki has freakishly long fangs.

Can you tell I'm supposed to be writing? I've gone to have blood drawn, cleaned out a closet, stared at my Twitter feed and now am blithering away here.

Okay. Seriously. Going to write right now.

Thor sez: But, you only played with us twice this morning!

Loki sez: My fangs are not freakishly long! I'm descended from the saber tooth tiger!

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