Thursday, August 05, 2010

Boo! Are You Scared?

All together now. To the tune of "I'm a Girl Watcher" (you fetuses under 30 google up a youtube video):

"I'm a fear mongerer! I'm a fear mongerer! Mongering fear all day. Hey hey hey!"

Comment left on my previous blog post:

ConsumerFreedom said...

"Calling high fructose corn syrup “poison” is so unhelpful to consumers. It’s just patently untrue. Your fear-mongering encourages consumers to obsess on single ingredients in their diet instead of thinking about the entirety of their diet and their lifestyle."

See, Consumer Freedom thinks you and I are too stupid to put a whole picture together, so we shouldn't even worry about all the little ingredients. Just toss it all down your pie hole because you certainly can't do anything but obsess on a single ingredient.

Gosh, guess all those gluten-intolerant people are obsessing on gluten, after all, it is ONLY a single ingredient, right? (Right? I actually just realized I'm not sure about that and as I am typing on the fly waiting for a ride to Nursery Nurse Palooza, will have to hope one of my fine readers will correct me if I am wrong.)

And all those people with peanut allergies should stop obsessing over peanuts, after all, it is ONLY a single ingredient.

For Pete's Sake! I don't care if you think HFCS is God's gift to the world (or bottom line of manufacturers), have at it. I have my opinion about it also. And I can bring out one scientific article after another on "my" side and the commenter can bring out one corn industry sponsored article after another on "his/her" side and we'd be here all year.

Don't insult my and my reader's ability to research their food choices and come to decisions.

But I kinda liked the "fear mongering" part, made me feel all powerful and stuff for a moment. Then the boyz wanted dinner and I realized I'm just human after all.

The boyz say: And we want the fancy fancy feast, not that extra gravy garbage daddy gave us!

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