Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poor Neglected Little Blog

I'm just slack. There is no excuse other than that. That. And Twitter.

I'm trying to get some pretty big projects up off the ground. The genealogy thing. The "Maddie" novel. My other is referred to as the "Meg" novel. I don't know why we call my manuscripts by the protagonists' first names. We just do.

My poor house is in need of some serious attention, so I've been chipping away at that. Used to be I could just take a day and do a serious move everything and clean under/behind in every room. Now it's more like scrub one bathroom, take a break. Vacuum, take a break. Sweep, put ice on the back. For some reason my back injury spot HATES sweeping and mopping and will flare up in an instant if I'm not careful to sweep/mop towards me in a straight line, no side to side motion. And you try changing that routine after some 40 years of house cleaning.

I'm also trying to slog through some agent listings and find a few to begin submitting again. Yes, again. Yes, I know I've been submitting this novel for about five years now. Sigh. If only one person would say it sucked, I'd just give it up. But everyone LOVES it, they just can't niche it for sale, they say.


I took an on-line quiz that was supposed to tell me where I should move. Jason and I are looking for a spot to relocate to once his daughter is out of school. The quiz said I should move to Europe. Sigh. I was hoping for something a little less complicated. On the radar now: Charlottesville, VA and Fort Collins, CO. At least those are the two so far that neither of us have outright said no to.

And now, for your viewing pleasure: El Gato Gordo y el Gato Flaco:

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Sharon said...

I don't even have Twitter to explain why I haven't visited your blog in a while. I've got plenty of other excuses, though, believe me.