Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Random Photo Day

I know Jason is the professional, but I do like to dabble. Here are some recent shots that I sort of like.

Loki drinking from the fountain.

Momma Deer and the fawn brave enough to come in the yard.

Thor, in all his splendid attitude.

I'm not sure on this one. One minute I like it, the next I want to delete it. I took it from the porch early morning when I was just getting home from work (hence the scrubs). I was taking a picture of Ezmerelda the Fifth (see below) and Thor was upset he couldn't come out to help.

Ezmerlda the Fifth and her web in the early morning. (Just off the front porch so we get to say hello every morning and watch her grow.)


Anonymous said...

Great photos !!!

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