Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chicken Little Politics

So, some folks I know were having a very nice, intelligent, civilized conversation about the Muslim community center being build near the site of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

It will come to no surprise to my frequent readers (all 10 of you, I love you) that I am somewhat of a cynic in regards to politics.

Here is the thing to remember: We are hard core in the age of Chicken Little Politics. Whenever an "important" election is approaching, the right (sorry, but it is usually the right) stirs up some massive frenzy about something that really is a non-issue (i.e. it won't ever get solved, but stirs up plenty of emotion).

First it was abortion.

Then it was the gays were going to storm the doors of your churches and force your pastor to marry them. (uh, to each other, not marry the pastor, that is.)

Then it was the evil liberal elitists who were going to take away your bibles and banish God from America.

Then is was those evil illegal aliens - oops, until they realized how many real American citizens who can and do vote are of Hispanic descent...so...yikes! Ummm.. oh look! Look over there!!!

Evil Muslims are trying to "build a mosque in the shadow of the twin towers!!!"


Your emotions are being manipulated, people.

First of all there is no debate whether legally they should be allowed to do this, yes, they can, they are American citizens who enjoy the right to freedom of religion, right?

Now, the ethical issue can be debated to your heart's content, but don't let the passions blind you to thinking this is a who you should vote for issue. Because it is nothing but a Chicken Little Ploy to distract you from serious issues - war, poverty, failing schools, failing businesses.

Don't fall for it!

Plus, I've heard that there is a strip club in the same vicinity. That's pretty disrespectful, young girls dancing nearly naked and giving lap dances where people died? Hey, Sarah, why don't you get on that issue? (And didn't Sarah Palin say that liberal elitist New Yorkers weren't "real Americans" during her campaign? Did I miss her apology and reconciliation with the good people of New York?)


Pixel Peeper said...

I'm waiting for those holier-than-thou righteous people to start protesting churches being built within three miles of any school. Because, you know, of all those pedophile Christians.

Oh. Wait.

And as one of your readers, I love stopping by daily and reading your blog, because you can say so eloquently what I'm thinking.

JanetLee said...

Our natural human fear of the unknown has been so exploited regarding people of the Muslim faith that we can't even have a real discussion.

I saw one site that said something along the lines of Islamic terrorists are like that "church" who carry hate signs to soldier's funerals and the sect wanting to build the community center in NYC is like the Presbyterian church your grandmother attends.

Sharon said...

The site is also a decent schlep from the WTC site and there's no way it can be seen from the site, even after they complete the new building.

Of course, these are facts that would get in the way of scaring people and riling them up so they can't think straight. Assuming they ever could, that is.