Monday, August 02, 2010

My Back Yard is a Freaking Disney Movie

Oh, hai. Don't mind us. Just brought my babies to your wonderful buffet lunch.


Nom nom nom.

Oh, excuse me.

Are you almost done there? I believe that is my reserved table.


And if I'd been faster the other day, I'd have one of Momma Deer standing by a bunny. All we need is a skunk and I can remake Bambi in my backyard.

The boyz say: Hopefully the Disney version and not the real one.


Anonymous said...

I have a possum living under my front deck and deer under the back; occasional fox go through; quail, there was a red tailed hawk on my deck a while back, lots of birds, some resident peacocks and then, there are the mountain lions and bears (fortunately the latter are very rare, but we do get postings that there have been sightings. If you lived here, you wouldn't get anything done besides taking pictures. Come visit. Auntie Anon

Anonymous said...

Oh, lots of turkeys and Canadian geese. We do get wafts of skunk sometime.

JanetLee said...

Thor says he'd like to hang out with the mountain lions for a day.

I'm surprised I haven't seen any foxes. There are some that live across the railroad tracks in Shadowmoss. Maybe my side of the tracks is too low rent for them.