Friday, August 13, 2010

Whine, Whine, Whine, Whine, Whine

The other day, a thing happened. It wasn't a big thing, just one of those fell-through-the-cracks sort of things. But it needed to be attended to.

While I was tending to it, you know, okay this was supposed to happen but didn't so now let's do this, this and that. Then the thing will be back on track.

But while I was doing those things, I was barraged with a massive amount of whys and whos and hows and recollections of past dropped balls and finger pointing and general whining.

Now, those things are not completely unimportant. The sequence of events must be evaluated for the future. But at the moment, we had a problem and needed a solution that would bring us to the point where the problem was solved.

I see much of that in the political discussions of the day. We as a nation have several major problems that need to be addressed. But all our leaders are sitting around why-ing, who-ing, how-ing instead of just solving.

And the American public is following along with the group bitch. This side just sits by doing nothing until that side says something, does something and they begin caterwauling like a banshee. Then that side does the same thing when it is this side that has a goof.

So we all sit around whining and whining and wondering why nothing gets done. Because it is so much easier to bitch than to try to change.

Thor sez: The problem is, I haven't had supper. Can you feed me, then argue over who forgot to do it?

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