Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon

Almost. Not quite.

Let's see. Today is JAZ's birthday! It is his present that I won't sing Happy Birthday to him.

My friend mentioned in yesterday's post who has battled for her child's health care and had her credit destroyed by feuding insurance companies is coming over tonight for a wine tasting and a letter writing session. She wants to write President Obama and thank him for his work on getting this reform to this point.

Got the windows open and fresh cool air sweeping through the house, blowing cat hair bunnies out from corners.

Speaking of cats, my new favorite Thor picture:

(Photo by JAZ)

I need to learn how to scan photographs. Pout. I used to know how with the old photo program thingie.

Got bunny ears. Got peeps. Do I have cooperating kittens? No!

Loki sez: Don't even try it, human.

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