Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Friday?

Okay, so there went that week. Actually, I got some stuff done. Nothing exciting, but stuff.

I know everybody has their own interests. Some border on obsessions. Mine is genealogy research. I swear it's like crack. I sit down to look up one thing, next thing I know, it's five hours later.

I've had to pull the plug on it.

I did however, look into two family stories. One, that there was native American blood in my maternal great grandfather's family. Result: unknown still, but I think I found the start of the mystery, an ancestor who had one son with one wife, then 7 children popped up, beginning when #1 son was in his mid teens. No trace of a #2 wife that I can find. Not recorded because she was Indian or black or mulatto? (Illegal in those days) Just poor record keeping? I'm going with the Southern Gothic slant and say that the records were burnt by the Great War Criminal Sherman (spit).

The other family story was a link to General Douglas MacArthur via marriage to a cousin of my maternal great grandmother. Now, her mother was a McArthur - different spelling - but I can't find any link unless it is out in the outer fringes of the vast web of brothers and sisters. (Darn those Scots with their ten kids per family!).

Cat craziness. So, Jason had just gotten home and the boyz were waiting for him to come in the house (Loki by the hall just in case it was Zombie Jason).

Loki sez: Zombie humans sneeze when they come in a house, that is a scientific fact!

I wonder if I let the boyz outside if this would happen.

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Sharon said...

Hahahaha! Your cats crack me up. So does mine, of course. Sometime when I'm not so tired, I'll give you the link to my Flickr photos of Spike.

But that Cute Overload site--too, too much.