Monday, March 29, 2010

Things People Say

Story told to me:

Woman from a mostly poor, very rural county talking about the last presidential election: "They(who? church volunteers?) were bringing them(oooh, them, the black people?) in on buses to vote."

Woman hearing the story: "So?"

So, indeed. If a person is a legally registered voter, what does how they get to the polls matter?

I wished I'd heard this conversation because it begs the question: Which bothered you more? The buses bringing poor blacks in from their distant homes or that blacks were voting?"

What's next? Voting in outer space so only those who can afford space shuttle tickets can vote?

Thor sez: That's as bad as putting bunny ears on a kitten.


Chris M said...

What will be interesting to see is if during the next election the bussing occurs. Or if it will occur for people not 'them.' lol.

I'd like to think 'they' would do the same for anyone, regardless of who is running for president.

JanetLee said...

Chris, since I know the people involved, I can tell you that various church and civic groups do bus in those who have no transportation for every election. I'm pretty sure they don't ask who they are voting for.

The practice didn't bother her until this time because her ideal of what a president should be - old, white, Republican - did not win.