Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Standing Up!

Tomorrow, Wednesday March 24, the hate group will be protesting at West Ashley High School 0645-0715 and the Jewish Community Center 0830-0900.

These people call themselves a church and claim that God "hates" jews, blacks, gays, and the military (??) Okay.

I'll be there, representing for my Christian friends who are being libeled and defamed by these people.

My sign:

Yeah, okay, so I should have had Jason do the lettering. But Sharpie sniffing is soooo much fun.

Know what else is fun?

Introducing kittens to their next holiday prop. Don't they look excited?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am a born-again Christian....I don't believe hate has a place in a Christians heart....I am first generation removed from the Amish culture....they say..."Shine the light of Christ's love - but NOT in another persons eyes...light their by your example." Thanks for going tomorrow....God Bless, Pam,
South Bend