Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Forces of Evil Are Coming to Charleston

I'm not kidding. Check it out.

These are the people who show up at the funerals of our fallen soldiers and scream that the soldier deserved to die because God hates "fags".

These people are the equivalent to the radical Muslims who blow themselves up, killing hundreds. We Americans complain of Islam, "Where are the moderates? They should be standing up and condemning these acts!"

So, I ask you, Churches of Charleston, where are your moderates standing up to condemn these purveyors of such vile hatred, such perversion of the teachings of Jesus?"

I plan to join as many of the anti-protesters as I can. I am not working most of the week, so will be able to join in. My dream would be a whole mob of Charlestonians, regardless of beliefs, lifestyles, color, income standing in a circle around this cancer trying to poison us, holding signs of our own that simply say "Love".

What sickens me the most about these people is not their blatant hatred, but that most of them are the children of the leaders, their young minds poisoned by this brainwashing since birth. Poor things, I've seen them interviewed at protests, and it makes me both sick and afraid. Young minds so twisted are the ones who turn to murder when words fail to achieve their goals. Ask the radical Muslims, that is how they do it, get them young, poison the minds.

The boyz say: Don't they know what love means?

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