Monday, November 30, 2009


I don't think a person should be sore just from cleaning house.

I'm not surprised that my cheap-o office chair has given up trying to convince some people that it is not a rocking chair. Seriously. It was a $50 chair six or seven years ago.

Poor Loki. There are two packages scheduled to be delivered today. Hopefully at the same time.

I want someone to do laundry and change my bedsheets every day. It's amazing how much better I sleep on fresh, clean, crisp sheets.

Taking my mother to get a facial tomorrow while I get my hair cut and my eyebrows shaped into things that look like they belong on a female human.

I've got one Christmas present purchased. Don't have a clue how to top Jason's last year present. Perhaps I shouldn't even try and just do socks and underwear?

Can anyone tell I have not yet done my required 15 minutes on the manuscript in progress this morning?

Thor sez: Was that a can opener?

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