Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Tuesday?

Ugh. Got to suck it up for real and go back to work. I'm starting to think that in spite of my negative flu test, that I really did have some variant of flu. I've not been this sick for this long in forever.

This morning there were bluebirds checking out the bluebird house. I feel sort of bad, because apparently, my backyard is a bad neighborhood. One year a bluebird baby fell out of the house and got eaten by a snake. The next year, a raccoon ripped the house down and ate all the babies. Not a good track record. I've meant to take it down until I can get a post set where it would be safer, but just haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe they are just looking for a place to spend the winter.

Attempting to get the mountain o' laundry cleared away.

I'm really getting annoyed with the let's-make-some-thing-out-of-nothing news media and our increasingly idiotic culture of leaping to any conclusion that supports our bias without even attempting to apply common sense.

Oh, and I've lived in Asia, thank you. The president's bow to the emperor was, while awkward and not done entirely correctly, was simply an attempt to respect another culture's customs. Whether he should or should not have is moot as it essentially means no more than Bush holding hands with Saudi royalty.

What irked me was one of the "news" channels was using footage of Obama talking to an older woman as their proof of his "repeated bowing".

I am tall -5' 8" - and have a hard time hearing in crowded situations. So when I am talking to a shorter person in a crowd, I will be seen to repeatedly lean in/down to catch what they are saying.

I am not bowing. For Pete's sake.

The boyz say: You mean you aren't bowing down to worship us whenever you lean down to pet us?

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