Tuesday, November 03, 2009

99% Done!

My aching back! My knees! My poor spazzing hand and zinging nerve! I'm finished painting, moving, cleaning, rearranging.

Holy Martha Stewart, Batman. If I ever propose this again, some one have me committed.

I didn't really do any before pictures, but this was my driving myself crazy choosing a color wheel, or lines, I should say:

(Bottom row, far right is the one I used.)
This was the bookshelf wall as it was:

This is that wall after (I didn't buy anything new, just moved stuff around):

(Would it make you super jealous to know that in the chair, under the throw is a heated back and neck massage thingie and that block in front of the chair is an Isqueeze foot and calf massager? I thought so.)
Thor was my supervisor through the entire process (the number one reason why if you look closely enough, you may find tail swish trails in the paint) and he was glad to plop down and enjoy the new look:

Thor sez: Yes, I'm perfectly comfy like this.
Now, I'm off for a soak in the tub then a couple of rounds in my massage center.

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Sharon said...

Okay, yep, jealous of that chair, yes, indeedy.