Sunday, November 01, 2009

These Cats Are Way Better Behaved Than Mine!

I love the orange kitty on the left. Especially when he just falls over.


chucker said...

What laundry basket sitting on the couch? Look at the cute cats!

(My orange cat would have ducked UNDER the couch.)

JanetLee said...

Chuck - yeah, the laundry basket. But I've seen worse on I Can Has Cheezburger - bras, dirty dishes, overflowing trash cans - so the laundry basket was a treat.

I have to hold the camera with one hand, slap a hat on one of the boys, snap pictures as fast as I can.

Sharon said...

Hahahahahaahaha! That was fabulous, I love it.

I'd never put a hat on a cat. Except on Halloween. Maybe.