Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thor's Day!

Thor was so crazy yesterday, insisting that there was something behind the hutch in the kitchen, when there wasn't. I even put him on top of the hutch and scolded him when he started swatting at the wall calendar hanging there. Up until the lizard ran out, jumped across the kitchen and ran down the hall to disappear into Jason's photography room.


Thor cornered it a little later, but being the sorry hunter...I mean great humanitarian (catatarian?) that he is, he just patted it until Jason was able to capture it and set it free.

Thor sez: Told you!

But you never believe me!

So there!

Okay folks, Jason shared his raging sore throat with me so off to start dialing the doctor's office. Because unlike some people, I go to the doctor when I'm sick.


Anonymous said...

Last Friday we went to the rehersal for my step-sons wedding the following day. When we got home 9PM my husband decided our yellow lab still needed her nightly he took her... and she rolled in some kinda poop!!
She smelled he got in the shower with the dog....ok so now she is all clean and smells good and she's almost dry...and he lets her out in our back yard...she runs like a maniac and then...she goes for the grill...she is barking and clawing...and there right next to the patio door is an opposum....he is terrified and the dog is more than curious....once we got the dog in the house I had to go out and see if the possum was sick or just "play'in possum...I was quite a site I'm sure I looked like granny Clamput...nightgown,socks and trench coat....thankfully the possum was gone....

JanetLee said...

Oh no! One of those situations that are funny once they are over with, I'm sure.

I had the kitchen window and the front door open for some cross ventilation while I was painting, so the lizard probably came in then. Wish I'd had a camera set up in the kitchen to see the kittens when they discovered him.

Sharon said...

Hope you feel better soon! And Jason, too.

Quite the menagerie you get there. Frogs, lizards... Anything to keep your kitties happy!

JanetLee said...

Sharon - thanks, I'm feeling much better than I thought I would because Jason has been sick for a week. Of course, I went to the doc and got tested for flu and strep (both negative and was I relieved as one of my coworkers the night I started feeling sick is 8 weeks pregnant and how much of a giant pile of shit would I have felt like if I gave her H1N1??).

But, see, I took off from work because I had a fever and raging sore throat, I did not continue to work full tilt. I laid on the couch and rested and napped and took medications. I did not ignore my symptoms.

But then, I've got a lazy streak a mile wide that needs no encouragement to be activated vs. Jason's deeply ingrained Catholic guilt thing.

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

My throat been sore since yesterday. Drat. I'm sure it will turn into a nasty cold but everyone is so paranoid about the flu it will be awkward.

Maybe I can work with a Quarantine sign on my door. I am of the Jason personality.

JanetLee said...

Joan - I hope you don't have this, because, while certainly not as bad as the flu, is not very fun. Started with scratchy throat, then very sore throat with aches/pains/headache and fever. Today I'm just coughing and headachy.

For work, I'd use it to my advantage, put a warning sign on your door and have a mask to put on when anyone comes near - bet you'll get tons done!