Friday, December 19, 2008

My Personal Super-Hero

Jason is visiting back home for Christmas. Last night was our last night together before Christmas Day, so we opened our "big" presents to each other.

Now, I have been sweating bullets over the gift I got him. Since last June when the idea first occurred to me, all through the summer, fretting over the entire idea. Even when I received the final product, which I loved, I worried. I was stressing out big time.

Because it was one of those things that he was either going to absolutely love or absolutely hate with no middle ground.

Luckily, he absolutely loved it.

If you know Jason, you know he is a comic book fan. Last spring, he wrote an article about the comic book industry. I contacted one of the interviewed artists, Jeremy Dale, and commissioned a portrait of Jason (and the kittens, of course) as comic book superheroes.

I sent him a few photographs, came up with a rough story line/idea and Jeremy did the rest. My art photography skills aren't up to Jeremy's art skills, but the work turned out fantastic! Click on them for greater detail.

Here's the whole piece:

This is the opening scenes, Charleston harbor, Jason hard at work, the kittens resting, then DANGER!

Transforming into superheroes.

Super Jason!

Super Loki!

Super Thor!

This was a huge hit with everyone who saw it. Jason was first excited when he saw Jeremy's signature at the top, then he was "oh, how nice"-ing at the picture, then there was the "Wait a minute! That's me! And the cats!"

He loved it and I loved that he loved it and I genuinely surprised and delighted him!

Thanks a billion, Jeremy Dale!


Anonymous said...

That is a SPECTACULAR gift....
You should have been in it as
Wonderwoman the fabulous gift giver!!!!
It is sooooo rare that such a personal gift is that took lots of effort. I think it really is a great feeling to give a gift that the other person could not---would not be able to get for themselves.
Merry....Merry Christmas.
Pam, South Bend

Pat said...

Truly fabulous! Jason's very lucky to have a good woman like you.

Marcheline said...

That is one of the coolest gifts I think I've ever seen. Thanks for posting pics!

I am especially appreciative of it since Bear and I have been watching "Heroes" episodes back to back the entire week.... have you and Jaz seen it? Mega comic/graphic novel connections there.


P.S. What happened to Jaz's blog?

Marcheline said...

Sorry, forgot to ask....

What did he get you?

- M

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Wow! You did good! I know he loved that!

JanetLee said...

Thanks everyone. I think I enjoyed his enjoyment as much as he did.

M- I believe he has stopped blogging. And my present was a 32 inch HDTV.

Marcheline said...

Cool! Enjoy it and happy Winter Solstice!

- M

StarlaJo said...

How awesome! It was great seeing you today, love Total Wine! I say you win the "Girlfriend of the Year" award with the present. Put the rest of us to shame......