Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thor's Day!

Thor is very upset that we humans have now had two major holidays on "his" day. I tried to explain the cyclical nature of the calendar to him, but as he really only understands the words "supper" and "cat nip", I don't think I made much progress.

In the interest of household peace, we will continue with our regularly scheduled Thor's Day.

Some long time readers may remember The Bra Incident and subsequent misadventures in which Thor chewed through not only several bra straps, but an exercise band, fishing line (used to hang photographs) and Odin only knows what else.

Thor is, an elastiholic. We've had to become diligent in what we leave within Thor reach. But it is everywhere. Sometimes you just don't realize he's found something until you hear some strange little noise (and with cats, as with two year olds, both sudden silence and funny noises must be investigated immediately).

Thor sez: Uhhh... I was helping you open it.


Anonymous said...

When my daughter was 12, 28 years ago she became very ill and was hospitalized. We had two kittens at the time and one also was acting strangely. I had my mom take her to the vet.I had no extra money but my daughter was begging me not to have the cat put to sleep so I agreed to having them do exploritory surgery. The cat had eaten 36 inches of gro-grain (sp) ribbon. The type I used to put in my daughters was still all one piece but of course it had lodged in her intestines. The vet sent it home in a babyfood jar so my daughter could see what had happened.

JanetLee said...

That is my worst nightmare. Every time Thor hurls or doesn't eat his food or acts funny in any way, I'm terrified he found some string to eat.

I'm glad your kitten was okay.