Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twofer Tuesday

1. Today, our local paper had the annual letter to the editor claiming that there was no more Christmas. That NOBODY said "Merry Christmas", that NO STORES had Christmas sales, that NO WHERE in the entire nation could one find one single reference to Christmas ANYWHERE.

2. It's been splashing around the news about the state of SC giving up the legal battle for the personalized vanity plates that say "I Believe" and show a cross and a stained glass window, two images most closely associated with the Christian faith. Now people are getting to indulge in their favorite emotion: righteous indignation. It's a choice, they say. You aren't forced to get one, they say. And they are correct. The problem is that the state is refusing to offer plates to followers of Judaism, Islam or any other major faith. One state law maker (and I can't find the article, it was in the City Paper not too long ago) when asked if a plate would be made available for Muslims said something along the lines of "of course not!" That, my dear Christian friends, is the problem with the plates. They will only be offered to followers of one specific faith. And, yes, followers of others can buy bumper stickers. So can you.

Loki sez: Say Merry Christmas!

Thor sez: But we are Norse pagans!

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