Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Think My Holiday Spirit is Dead

I have purchased exactly two Christmas presents. I'm usually almost finished with shopping by the first of December.

I'm all befuddled because I'm going to have at least three Christmases this year. Normal Christmas, Christmas either before or after Jason comes back from out of town, and Christmas on the few days of leave the man-child will have.

I was all happy with no putting up a tree or anything this year, but since the man-child is coming home, up goes the tree. (Even though he went to some girl's house and baked cookies while listening to Christmas music - that was my tradition....sob...sob.

Ah, just kidding, it's nice to see him adapting and carrying on the traditions. Now if they have spaghetti for Christmas Eve dinner while watching Scrooged, I'll really be put out.

I think what I need to do is go to Pet Smart and get some cat costumes and annoy the kittens for a while. That always cheers me up.

Loki sez: Nooooo! Not the reindeer antlers!

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