Monday, December 08, 2008

Taking Back the "E" Word

I'm tired of "elite" being used as a pejorative. This last election, the Repubs liked to throw it around like monkey feces. Liberal elite. Media elite.

What about the elite fighting forces of the Navy Seals or Army Rangers?

Guess they are bad, thinking they are so much better than the regular troops.

What about the elite athletes of the Olympic games or even just of your favorite football or baseball team?

Guess they aren't worthy of your time or attention because they think they are better at football than you.

No, let's make up your favorite football team with people of the same athletic skills as know, then that way you can relate to them. You could go toss a football around with them and hang out.

Elite used to mean something to be proud of in America. It meant our best, our brightest, our most capable and we respected them for the sacrifices they made to achieve what ever it was they achieved, whether in the classroom or on the football field or in business.

But like most great American values, we've allowed smear merchants to change it into something filthy and vile.

Being elite is not bad.

Excelling at whatever it is that you do and being, frankly, better at something or smarter than the average person is not bad.

In fact, it is good for this country.

Are we a nation who cheers on those who are excelling or are we a nation who pulls down and ridicules those who will achieve great things for us?

Thor sez: I'm elite because of my extraordinary cuteness!

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