Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Don't Know Much About Astronomy

I do like to tip my face skywards on a clear night and take in the stars. I can find the Big and Little Dippers of course. The North Star, and the planet Venus if it's the right time of the year.

So I was simply charmed and fascinated with the picture that Nice Mike's daughter, Justine, had taken of Venus, Jupiter and our moon making a smiley face over Australia.

I showed it to Jason before he left for work yesterday morning and when he got home just after dark, he said, "Hey go look, we've got a frowny face."

So I went out an amused the neighbors with my delighted reaction. Then I ran inside and emailed Mike to tell him. Jason took his trusty camera and tripod out to take some pictures while I got an email back from Mike saying he'd just finished taking pictures.

Apparently, they both knew that the trio would show up here, even knew it'd be upside down, because if you know something about astronomy, you know this.

Personally, I think it was more fun for me in my ignorance to get to squeal and jump up and down like a prehistoric cave girl just noticing some sort of sign in the skies.

This is my favorite:

But I also like this one with my next door neighbor's house providing an earthly touch, if you will. And the corona around the moon sort of makes it look like the moon is sticking its tongue out at us.

The starz say: Where are the boyz?


Pat said...

Cool pics! It's interesting how the skies fascinate us, isn't it?

JanetLee said...

Pat - Jason took the pictures, that's why they're so good.