Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Stuff

I was scanning through the news today, trying to latch on to an idea worth blogging about as I feel I've become a little to kitten-heavy here lately. But all I managed to do was get myself whipped up into a furious frenzy over a particular story. So angry it is still impossible for me to even consider blogging about it or my feelings about it.

So. You get a final kitten update: all has returned to completely normal. They are even play fighting again.

Loki sez: Yep, he's my buddy.


3. said...

Please don't ever worry about your blog being too kitten heavy. I come here for pictures and stories about Thor and Loki! I was particularly faithful about checking in daily during the recent "troubles". I am so very happy everything is back to normal. I was truly worried!!!

rosemaryfromoregon said...

OK, I just HAVE to tell you why my "name" is 3. As I was about to type rosemaryfromoregon when my cat, Kevin (who looks remarkable like Loki) jumped down from the hard drive to the table and hit 3. and obviously somehow sent the comment before I could do anything about it. I got kittens on my keyboard, too!


JanetLee said...

Thanks Rosemary. I was worried too. I'm so happy they are back to normal.