Saturday, June 09, 2007


Kitten update. We seem to be on the road to reconciliation. Yesterday we opened the barriers and let them mingle. There was a little hissing and growling, but no fighting. The turning point seemed to be when Thor cornered Loki and began licking his head. When Loki tried to hiss and run, Thor got him in a head lock and continued to lick his head.

Shortly after that, we found this:

This morning, I released the Thor and there was a little hissing when he rushed up to Loki, but a few minutes later I found Loki playing with a puff ball on the bed and Thor watching.

So I broke out the nip:

I think we are well on our way to a complete recovery.
(Crossing fingers)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should rename them "Paris" and "Nicole" - a little jail time was good for them. And, stopped the temper tantrums! Good Luck! And, what, pray tell, happened to "THE white cat?"

JanetLee said...

White cat was humanely encouraged to not come 'round here no more. I still see her out back in the marsh, but she doesn't come up the house anymore.

pogren said...

I love your site!!! Can;t get enough of the motherinlaws baby kitten was killed yesterday by a sad...but your site made me smile.Pam from South Bend IN

JanetLee said...

Pogren- I'm so sorry about your MIL's kitten! Glad you got a smile out of my spoiled brats.