Monday, June 04, 2007

Signs You're Not in SC Anymore

1. Liquor. Hard liquor in the grocery stores. Stroll on in the local Safeway for bread and vodka.

2. A television commercial for a radio station that featured a woman taking a friend shopping in her husband's truck. As they walk in the garage they see, dangling from the truck's tow bar, a giant pair of blue balls. Testicles that is. Wife gets a pair of hedge clippers and clips them.

3. Bubonic plague. Signs everywhere reminding people that not only are Arizona squirrels cute, but they carry the Black Death.

4. A sign at the Grand Canyon visitors center illustrating the dangers of hiking unprepared in the climate that prominently featured a young man down on his hands and knees forcefully vomiting what appeared to be Niagara Falls. (I begged Jason to take a picture, but do you see one here? No. Pardon me while I pout for a moment.)

5. Tame deer.

6. The Partridge Family.

Not the greatest picture, but not bad for an oh-my-god-look-I-think-those-are-partridge-babies, grab a couple of snaps before they all disappear back in the brush. There were two adults and at least four or five babies.

The only thing missing from this trip is that I did not meet a vacation cat. Unless you want to count the stuffed mountain lion at one of the Visitor's Centers (I can't remember which one now).


Pam said...

In Michigan, I'd always go to Meijer's for milk, bread, and perhaps some tequila or run. It sort of made sense by the end of my stay there! Your trip looks like it was a fun one.

Seth Hollow Horn Bear said...

I was stationed in Beaufort, S.C. for 3 years at the USMC air station; almost forgot about the liquor laws. Now I live in Phoenix, AZ . . . the great ol'state of selling liquor in grocery stores at 6am (excluding Sundays). Welcome to the Grand Canyon State. I like this site ever since I saw it on CBS Sunday Morning (my favorite).

JanetLee said...

Seth - Wow. I'd forgotten about the CBS thing. I always suspected they used my blog as an example of nonsense blogging.

We loved Arizona. Gorgeous place. Friendly people.