Saturday, June 02, 2007

Kitten Update

Jason told me today, "If they don't get over this soon, you'll have to change the name of your blog to 'Hissing Kittens on the Keyboard'.

Much remains the same. They love each other, they want each other, they cry for each other but the minute they see each other, they hiss and growl and spit.

The plan: two small dog cages. Put them each in one and move the cages closer and closer for longer periods of time until they are used to/bored with the sight of each other.

We've been doing that in small increments since returning from Arizona. Today I was so frustrated with the "Mommy, be on my side" wailing that I stuffed them in the cages and set them about two feet apart.

Nothing happened. They grumped a little, wanting out, but mostly just looked at each other. So I moved the cages closer. Thor took a nap. Loki amused himself with a puff ball. So I moved them about six inches apart. Close enough for them to reach into the other cage.

So much nothing was happening that I was tempted to let them loose and see what would happen. But I didn't.

After about twenty minutes, Loki started getting antsy about being locked up, so I let him out. He wandered back to the bedroom to get in his safe place under the bed, but it seemed more of a habit than an actual need.

Hopefully we'll make more progress with this on my next long stretch off.

Thor sez: I didn't mean to start trouble!

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