Friday, June 01, 2007

Standing on a Corner

I'm usually not a fan of the "in front of" picture. I rarely have my picture taken in front of places I visit. And oddly, when Jason and I are at places and he is so obviously Mr. Professional Photographer with all his equipment and I'm standing around slack jawed and drooling, people always ask me to take their picture together in front of whatever it is we are in front of.

But there are exceptions. I had pictures taken in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. And now the Grand Canyon. And I wanted one standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona.

They have a park.

It just tickled something in my tail-end of a baby boomer self who grew up listening to the Eagles (and Jackson Browne with whom Glen Frey wrote the song, Take it Easy). I just had to have my picture taken there with the statue.

But alas and alack and asbestos:

So I had to settle for standing on the corner across the street:

And two truths I learned:

1) The desert sun laughs at sunscreen. Even 50 SPF sunscreen. Laughs! The poor skin on my face, which hasn't felt the kiss of a UV ray in years, is in shock.

2) "But it's a dry heat." Is a pile of buffalo dung. It's freaking hot and the only merit to dry heat is that you aren't dripping sweat five seconds after being outside.

All photos by Jason A. Zwiker


dan said...

I really loved living in the Southwest, but my skin didn't. It dried out so bad that the Army had to prescribe me tubs of hydrocortizone or else other soldiers didn't want to be on a tank with me, because it "looked like some kind of damned leprosy or something."

joan said...

What a fub shot!