Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What I want for Christmas

World peace. An end to hunger. A cure for disease.

Oh, wait, I'm a selfish self centered baby boomer.

I want two new knees. Seriously. This not bending routine is getting old.

I want a profitable market for shed cat hair.

I want fat and cellulite to be sexy.

I want a kitten (or two).

I want to know why I have wrinkles and pimples. This is not fair!

I want to know at what age I have to stop saying I have "prematurely" gray hair.

I want to know why my mortgage company has ignored my three requests for more coupons and why, if they want me to pay on-line, do they charge an extra $17 for the service, when in fact, it saves them money and they should DEDUCT some $$ from my mortgage if I pay on-line.

I want a real car.

I want pistachio nuts to be fat and calorie free.

That's all.

And world peace, sure, why not?

Loki sez: I want more toys.

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