Friday, November 17, 2006

Visions of what is to be

You can call me a crazy conspiracy theorist all you want, but I know this is a real plan. Whether it will ever come to pass is (hopefully very) unlikely, but for all you women out there who are in favor of consitutional amendments being based on biblical teachings, you need to sit down and really think this over.

A cornerstone placed.

The guiding beliefs.

I don't want to get into an abortion discussion here, because that is not what I am talking about. But overturning Roe v. Wade and getting a constitutional ban on abortion is step one in the extreme Christian fundamentalists plan.

Step two is birth control.

They believe that using an IUD is murder because it prevents the implantation of a fertilized egg.

They believe that hormone therapy, either in the form of pills or patches, is wrong because it interferes with God's plan (for your womb).

They believe that condoms are wrong, again, interfering with God's plan.

They believe that family planning, even within a marriage, by use of contraceptives and even using the rhythm method is wrong. Again, it's God's will what happens in your uterus, not yours.

These are the people who twisted the gay civil union issue into some montrosity that was going to destroy civilization as we know it, that so scared the non-extremist population that reasonable debate on the issue couldn't even take place and people felt that they were doing God's work to legalize discrimination, that they supported this issue without a qualm of guilt over the blatant discrimination. Because in their minds it was okay to tell others how to live because it was good for them.

So the next attack will be the rampant teen birth rate in this country, the falling morals of our children because sex is too prevalent, that sex is too easy because of birth control, that it is against God's will that people have sex outside of marriage and we need a constitutional amendment "protecting the family" and making any sexual act outside of marriage illegal.

Then within the family, you are to submit to your husband and to your God and control of your body is placed in the hands of God. Never mind if you can't provide for those 10 children, if it's God's will, so be it.

Overly dramatic, I am? Perhaps, but I'm not saying this will happen in the next year or two. But with the passage of legislation based on scripture, we have set a precedent that extremists will use to slowly begin to lead otherwise sensible people down this path.

I fear for any granddaughters I may have in the future. I hope they have the same freedoms and choices that we women have today. Or will their choices in life be legislated on what a few interpreters of the Bible think they should have? Because it will be good for them?

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