Friday, November 10, 2006

Round Two

Today ended a four day marathon of preparing for the second round of agent submissions. Scouring through Writers Market, looking for a match, researching each agency to try to ensure that they aren't rip-off artists, trying to puzzle out which agent within a multi-agent agency would be most receptive to my work.

Trying to not feel like a big-fat-faker-who-is-going-to-be-found-out-very-soon when I have to say things like, "readers of Sue Monk Kidd or Pamela Duncan would also like my work".

Yeah, RIGHT, my inner voice screams, those are REAL WRITERS with REAL TALENT and REAL BOOKS IN PRINT you little wanna-be, how dare you even think that, much less say it? Those agents are going to see that and laugh their asses off at you!


Then it is on to the various requests. This agent wants just a letter. This agent wants a letter and a one paragraph synopsis. That agent wants three chapters, a letter, and and outline. And that one wants a letter, an author bio (I was born, I grew up, I wrote a book, the end) and a two paragraph synopsis.

To the post office for stamps.

Back to the post office for more stamps.

Scream, yell and cry because no matter which way I put the envelopes in the printer, it prints the address upside down.

Figure it out.

Beg Jason to make the labels for the large envelopes.

Shove everything in the post office mail box.

Wait for the SASE's to start coming home.

Thor sez: Relax! Just do it!

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