Friday, November 24, 2006

Post Feast Blahs

It could be due to the over-indulgence in wine.

Or turkey.

Or food in general.

Ah, but what fun. We traveled to the wilds of Seabrook Island

(Moi, freezing.)

where my cousin and cousin-in-law and aunt and uncle have a condo. Most of the gang was there - only missing one cousin and his bride. We came from California, Georgia and North Carolina to attend. There seems to be a southeastern migration going on in the extended family.

The best part was we were participating in the very first Thanksgiving celebration of Vitaly and Anna-Lise, my cousin and her husband's newly adopted children. Much fun. Much to be grateful for.

Vitaly making paper airplanes for everyone.

Anna-Lise and her Aunt Julie

Momma Francine watches Anna-Lise trying her first taste of pumpkin pie.

So this year we are thankful for families. For the new beginnings and the re-forging of bonds weakened by years of living at great distances.

I hope everyone had a great day.

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