Saturday, November 04, 2006

We have returned..

All my fears of a too-post peak leaf tour were for naught. We missed peak by about two to four days, depending on which local you asked. Still plenty of color. Gorgeous. It's been several years since I've been to the mountains for autumn and I didn't know how much I missed that smell. That crisp, fresh, millions of leaves falling, clean water over rock, living planet smell.

I met a pit bull who tried to lick me to death, even after I got him temporarily put in doggy-car-jail because I must have looked nervous when I first saw him. (I'm sorry, I'm ultra-cautious around dogs I don't know). I met a deaf dalmation. I met a boxer named Bentley who was almost as cute and goofy as my Thorby Kitten.

I met a man who might know someone who knew my grandfather from when he (Grand-daddy) was a peach inspector for the state.

I met a whole bunch of very nice, hardworking people who were kind and generous.

I met some-one who I didn't think was a nice person at all.

I saw millions of yellow, orange and red leaves. I said "This is gorgeous." about a million times.

I convinced myself that I was in shape because I could hike for ten minutes, then rest for fifteen while Jason took pictures, thus allowing me to complete "moderately difficult" hikes.

I almost had an asthma attack on one particularly grueling back up the mountain hike. If I'd had the breath, I'd have broken the camera because, really, girls, do you want a picture taken when you are sitting on a rock, next to some squirrel or racoon or possum shit, sweating, huffing and puffing and aiming to get your heart rate back under 200, half terrified that the wheeze in your chest is going to turn in to the real thing and you left your albuteral inhaler at home because it's been well over a year since you needed it and probably you are going to have to get the rescue squad down there to haul your old fat ass off the "easy enough for babies and really old people" trail and won't THAT be embarassing as all hell.

Yes, take my picture right now. Good idea.

But he deleted it and I was so happy to not have an asthma attack that I forgave him.

It was fun. Check out Jason's blog for photographs. I know he has one up, perhaps with more to follow.

But, now, without any further delay, as I know my entire readership has been suffering the pangs of kitten withdrawal, your kitten picture of the day.

Thor sez: No! I am NOT ready for my close-up!

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