Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Random Thoughts

No Deep Thoughts, just random shit that goes through my head.

I wrote my aunt who lives in another state and mentioned the Amendment One thing to her. She was appalled to say the least that such a thing would even be considered for the state's constitution.

I'm so happy John Graham Altman isn't my representative any more and Leon won that I'd kiss George Bush on the lips (NO TONGUE THOUGH!)

Why do national polls say that most Americans support stem cell research, sex education other than abstinance only, and aren't against gay civil unions, but then those people never go out to vote on their beliefs?

Why does Sutu the Amazing Shrinking Cat have to sit up in my lap instead of curling up like a good kitty?

I was going to write a long, thoughtful blog entry about my new political crush - Barack Obama - I've been reading his new book "The Audacity of Hope". I think everyone needs to read it, Republican, Democrat, Independent, whether you agree with Barack or not, whether you think he is playing up for a run in 2008 or that he is sincere. Why? Because he is speaking a message that is going to resonate with the American people. He is offering thoughtful consideration of all sides of an issue, he is willing to concede to a differing point of view if it is shown to give results that are good for the whole of America. We are sick of sound bites. We are sick of people screaming at each other on news shows. We are sick of the words "liberal" and "conservative" being slung back and forth like the vilest of profanities.

I heard a Republican on TV this morning claiming that we don't "have a Democratic America and a Republican America, only America". Well, how now, gosh and golly gee whiz, since when?? Since yesterday?

Okay, well good then, let's play together nicely now, shall we?

And now, a photographic essay:

Is that a car pulling in the driveway?

RUN!!! (Note Super-Loki had, in a single bound, lept from the sofa to the hallway and was probably already under the bed by the time I could take the second shot.)


Thor: Wait, it's probably just Daddy.
Sutu: Outta my way pip-squeak, it's a cat murdering psycho and if you want to die, fine!

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