Thursday, November 16, 2006

Try it, you'll like it!

This is interesting. From Think South

I think everyone should try it for at least two weeks. And since many using food stamps run out of food by the end of the month, anyone who tries this needs to start from nothing, using nothing currently in their kitchens, but have to buy their food for the week and use only it.

I'm not going to participate because I have already lived it. For a period of about eight months, I fed a family of three on $25.00 a week. Now, that was a bit over eleven years ago, but still it came out to only $1.19 per person per day.

You get to try it on $2.83 per person per day!
Weekly budget: One person: $19.81
Two people: $39.62
Three: $59.43

Don't forget to include taxes when figuring out how much you are spending. I recommend taking a calculator and adding up each item as you place it in the cart, when you are done, figure out what the tax is going to be, then you'll know what you have to put back or if it's a real good sale week, maybe you can buy a box of Little Debbie snack cakes for your children as a treat.

And if you have very young children and are concerned about their nutritional health on this diet, you can always go sell your blood, that should give you enough extra cash to buy vitamins and some extra milk.

Here are some helpful hints: spaghetti, chili with rice, beans and rice, macaroni and cheese with cheap hotdogs cut up in it, plain oatmeal, grits.

No soda, no cookies, no chips, no pretzels, no ice cream, no breakfast cereals, no (or very very rarely) fresh fruit (even canned fruit is out of budget), few fresh veggies, the cheapest (fattiest) cuts of meat.

Try it. It's only two weeks, what could it hurt?

Oh and remember, you don't have $100 up front to go buy in bulk to save money, you have to start like the poor do - with nothing.

Sutu sez: Holy Land of Plenty, Batman! I eat better than a lot of American children!

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