Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Easter cupcakes:

My new tee-shirt:

The Dangerous Life of SC Liberals:

This frog jumped on my chest when I opened the storm door this morning. And I didn't even scream. I think I lost my Southern Belle license:

Loki, and friend:



Sharon said...

So I guess the boys didn't see the frog?

Love the shirt!

JanetLee said...

Thanks!It's from a site called ban tshirts. They have another one I want, says: Relax, Gringo, I'm legal.

Sharon said...

Oh, I just looked, what a great site!
I want the Viva La Evolucion shirt!
And, most definitely (if you saw my much earlier post, you'll undertand), I need the Stop Shark Finning shirt.

Okay, I need to pay my rent and then I need to spend all the rest of this month's income and maybe part of next on that site.