Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mad Genius at Work

Jason's cousin and her daughter are having a spring break in Beaufort, so Jason is driving down to see them today. Mad genius that I am, I told him to take my car.


Because I have to:

Write a query letter.

Write a synopsis.

Write an outline.

Write a one paragraph "hook" that sums up my entire manuscript in one or two sentences that will cause an agent to, hopefully go "hmmm" and not "vomit".

Do laundry.

And I will not do these things if I have any means of escape. That doesn't mean I won't find today the perfect day to scrape the peeling paint off the back porch or dust behind the bookcases or something, but it's an effort.

Thor loves rubber bands, bra straps and any other elastic, plastic things he can get his fangs in. So when I saw this plastic, kitten chewing safe worm at the pet store, I bought it for him. He tossed it in the air twice, sat on it once. Now it is ignored.

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