Friday, April 15, 2011

For Real Friday

The only thing that makes me feel more hopeless for the future of our nation than the Post and Courier readers' comments is the letters to the editor section. But at least with the letters, I can pretend that the most stupid or outrageous letters are chosen for hit count.

But sometimes I wonder. Have we completely lost the ability to critically think? Have we become a nation addicted to the sludge of hormone induced emotions by wallowing in the sewers of hyperbole and verbal vomit that mean nothing?

Take Mr. William Troiani, for example. Mr. Troiana felt compelled to pick up pen or power up the computer to write to the editor about President Obama's re-election campaign. Mr. Troiani seems to feel that by raising funds for the campaign President Obama is "buying" the election. He also seems to feel that the President should "have confidence that he will win re-election on just the merits of his performance in office".

Now, my memory is not the best, and perhaps Mr. Troiani has recently moved to Charleston and therefore I have missed his letters to editors in other cities during previous elections and he feels this way about ALL presidents, not just Mr. Obama.

My question is. Every president eligible for re-election has run a campaign for his second term. None have just done nothing.

Why is Mr. Obama being held to a different standard?

Should Ronald Reagan not campaigned for re-election? Jimmy Carter? George HW Bush? Clinton? George W. Bush?

Why is it that suddenly, now it is extortion and theft for Mr. Obama to have a re-election campaign?

Or was Mr. Troiana just spewing verbal vomit for the surge of endorphins?

Thor sez: You humans make me laugh.

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