Friday, April 01, 2011

Fantastic Friday

And why, you ask, is this Friday so fantastic?

Well, since you asked. See that little links thingie over there by my caricature? Long time readers will recognize the link to Home Ec 101. That link to that fabulous blog/website has been floating over there ever since I became aware of the site.

Now, just because the author, Heather Solos, is a real life, I'd know her on the street (but might hide if all the minions were in tow) friend of mine, don't think my opinion is biased.

A very wise editor saw Heather's blog a year or so ago and recognized that it is a great source of real information, all in the unique, sassy, zombie respecting, real life living Heather Solos style. And *wah-lah* (that's just for you, Heather), a book deal was made.

And a book was written. And published. Check it out.

This ain't Martha, people. This is real stuff for real women (and men) with real lives.

I'll not give a review yet because I haven't actually sat down to read it yet (other than to find the zombie apocalypse reference). But based solely on my knowledge of the blog, I have purchased a few, for me and for gifts.

So, if you know a young person just setting up house, getting married, or you just want to get better organized, this is the book for you.

And to satisfy those blogging disclosure rules, I have received nothing for this referral, I will receive nothing for the review.

I have, though, been a guest at the Solos house where I was served some pretty yummy food. And I once gave her children all my left over Halloween candy, but I think she's forgiven me for that.

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Sharon said...

Okay, um, where can I give you my address so you can send me my gift book?

Okay, just kidding! I'll get my own copy, it sounds like just what I need!